Casino Information

Casino Name Ivip9
Website URL
Minimum Deposit RM 50
Deposit Average Time 2 minutes
Withdrawal Average Time 2 minutes
Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus

Ivip9: One of the Best Gambling Sites of All Times 

If you are an active gambler, chances are that you have already heard of Ivip9. Well, it has been a popular online casino site in today’s times. Currently, it can be said to be a leading online casino site that is attracting international traffic as well.

Owing to its large collection of games, reliable customer support, and prompt services, it is expected to lead the gambling market for a long. With its amazing features, Ivip9 has successfully retained its top position despite immense competition.

Every day new casino sites are being launched. But, Ivip9 remains to be one of the best. If you are willing to know more about Ivip9, let’s continue going through this review below. 

Games Offered By Ivip9 

The thing that’s sure to strike anyone who’s visiting the site for the first time is the large collection of games available on Ivip9. The list is endless and so long that it’s sure to overwhelm you. Besides offering the latest and most popular casino games, Ivip9 brings to its people some rare and uncommon games as well. Not everyone is a pro at gambling. For them, there are other interesting games available that don’t involve risking huge sums of money. Also, if you are a top professional gamer, here, you would get everything of your choice, starting from poker, slots, fishing, sports, eSports, etc. There’s a reason why Ivip9 is known to be the best of its kind. 

Now that we have understood how large its collection of casino games is, let’s go through some of the popular games in detail: 

  • Casinos: There are a good number of live casinos available in Ivip9. If you love to play games like baccarat, dream gaming, Asia gaming, evolution gaming, WM casino, play tech, micro gaming, and SA gaming, you are sure to love this site. This site brings an entire collection of all available casino games. You can choose from anyone you like and start playing. Make sure you have registered on the site with a valid ID.
  • Slots: After live casino games, slots are the most played games in any casino. There are a variety of slot games like pragmatic play, next spin, spade gaming, etc. All these are of top-notch quality, equipped with top-notch graphics. 
  • Sports betting: Not just online gambling and slots, but sports betting can also be enjoyed on Ivip9. There are several games like hockey, football, cricket, etc .on which you can bet and win money! Isn’t that interesting! If you love to watch sports, this is an amazing opportunity for you. 
  • Sports, fishing, and poker: Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are other games available on Ivip9. The site doesn’t let its members get disappointed. The fishing games include fishing god which is an excellent game to earn money. It’s fun and engaging. There are varieties of poker games available on the site as well. Poker lovers can participate in the games and have a great time. 


To attract more and more players, the site offers exciting rewards and promotional offers to all. Not just in particular seasons, but these offers are available all year round. When you first visit the homepage of Ivip9, the first thing you notice is big promotions, daily rebates, and 100% bonuses regards.  

There’s a different section for the promotion tab. There you can find out the rewards and bonus offers that are applicable for you. Choose the best ones and enjoy! 

One of the main reasons for the success of Ivip9 is its customer support. People can get in touch with the site via live chat and email. The customer support executives are extremely dedicated and respectful. They are ready to answer your queries with patience. Therefore, Ivip9 is certainly one of the best casinos of all time. 

Securityat IVIP9

The site considers its members’ safety as its utmost priority. It has been functioning for years and with time, it has improved its security features highly. The site follows strict confidentiality policies to ensure that everyone’s personal information is safe and secure.