» Posted on Jan 22, 2013

Training Day

The world around us is sleeping, snug under a blanket of snow and ice, peacefully dreaming white dreams as it waits for the thaw of spring. Inside our offices, however, things are just as fiery as ever.

After a brief holiday respite, work has been progressing unabated, in both pace and progress. It’s a good time for Dark Matter, as all the core gameplay systems are in place, mature enough not to get into fights with each other, and largely well-behaved.

Last week, we packaged the first build for internal testing, and we are going to start sending it out to a few select testers this week, to gather first feedback rounds on gameplay, atmosphere, pacing and so on.

Our plan is to have a new point release every 2 weeks, and to expand the circle of testers with each, so that we have a constant stream of fresh eyes, along with experienced testers. Eventually, we’ll reach the stage where the game can be shown publically, unfiltered and undirected – shouldn’t be long now.

The past month saw the refinement and finalization of several in-game systems, such as the interactive object systems that we use to build gameplay events in-engine. It also saw the addition of a training level.

Most of us are old enough to instantly think of ‘cheating hacks’ when the word ‘trainer’ is mentioned, but we suppose it could be conceded that these days developers are a little more forgiving towards players. Sure, it’s more fun when you watch someone break down and cry because your game defeated them, but we’re informed that’s the old way of doing things.

So, we cooked up a special virtual reality setting that is used for the training level. As we worked on it, we all fell in love with it, so don’t be surprised if we end up working this tileset and environment into some kind of puzzle, or mini game, or sub level, or something.

You can catch a few glimpses of the virtual reality environment scattered on these pages, and of course we’ll be providing moving pictures soon – over and out from fiery InterWave, in the midst of the frozen Netherlands.

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