» Posted on Dec 20, 2012

Meet the Heavies

There’s more to making a good space game than sticking random aliens down some generic metal corridors. You have to use big, mean, ugly, soul-destroyingly revolting aliens.

With that ancient piece of wisdom in mind, we set off to design the three warrior-class members of the Scavenger species. After much tweaking and emissive decorating, and just in time to haunt the upcoming holiday season, we are proud to introduce two of their number: the Seeker and Samurai Scavengers.

These two heavies represent the top of the Scavenger food chain. Each in their own special way, the Seeker and Samurai will teach you to fear those rumbling sounds you’ll hear in the dark. Well, they’ll mostly be chewing your character’s face off. That should give rise to some unique learning experiences.

The Seeker, for example, teaches the value of high-damage, high-speed tactical strikes. This lovingly deformed insectoid monster will in fact defend itself from incoming fire, and rush the player with a devastating lounge whenever it thinks it’s had enough.

The Seeker’s speed and near invulnerability when parrying your incoming fire mean that this is one enemy that will easily slice through you if you don’t take it out first, quickly and efficiently, with the heaviest-hitting weapons in your arsenal.

On the other hand, the Samurai trades speed for layers and layers of protective tissue. Heavily armoured, and with a face that only a giant, misshapen space tick mother would love, the Samurai’s armour affords it high resistance to standard damage types which means you’ll simply be ticking it with regular ammo, and gently slapping it with explosives.

The Samurai teaches you the value of nano-enhanced ammo against heavily armoured enemies. There are reports that fire ammo is particularly effective against this particular critter, but we wouldn’t know because we’ve never been silly enough to get trapped in a corridor with one of these monstrosities. They tend to charge when upset, you see, and the charge will only end with its death, or yours. Or you can freeze it in place, of course.

We are in the progress of putting the finishing touches to the behaviours and models of both the Seeker and Samurai, before fully unleashing them in testing. So far, the heavies are a lot of fun. And they do capture that trapped-in-space-along-with-every-childhood-nightmare-ever Christmas feeling, don’t they?

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